Girls Are Precious in More To Give Challenge Campaign With Fortis Hospital

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Girls Are Precious in More To Give Challenge Campaign With Fortis Hospitals

Having been invited to the event by Dainik Jagran and NDTV personally this was an event which got us closer to our goal of working together with larger NGO groups who are supporting various cause towards upliftment and welfare of society. It was a humbling feeling to be recognised for the work we have done towards uplifting the status and position of women and old people in the society.

The Fortis’s ‘More to Give’ campaign was able to take the organ donation message to millions across the country. There were as many as  70,000 individuals, who had participated in the Walkathon to deliver the message for organ donation as well as themselves take the pledge to donate their organs. But sadly, deep-rooted superstitions and religious miss-beliefs surrounding problems existing in the society has deterred the work of many social workers.

Girls are precious has been working towards girls education, health and empowerment, this can be only achieved through such platforms like the More to give campaign in association with larger NGO’s, Hospitals and organisations who can help us spread the message to a larger audience.

In the More to Give we had the opportunity to meet individuals from various corporates, clubs, schools, colleges and NGOs who were working towards various causes and have come here to support the organ donation camp. Our team of 10 volunteers also took part in the walkathon wearing the Girls Are Precious T-shirt thereby spreading a simple message that: Together we can stand up, be united in our effort to uplift the living conditions of women and girls, reaching every corner of the country and fighting the evils in the society. At Girls Are Precious Foundation, we organise CSR, educational kits donation campaigns, old age home donation campaign, supporting health and empowerment of women.


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