Girls Are Precious Conduct CSR Event With Eastman Global India

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Girls Are Precious Conduct CSR Event With Eastman Global

Eastman global is an internationally acclaimed 47-year-old company. Eastman’s journey from manufacturing bicycle brake shoe to being an international, multi-award-winning business gave them important insights into some important aspect of social issues. It enabled them to identify the main concerns of society and the impact their organization has on lives and environments around them. These concerns and issues are at the core of Eastman Globals Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and form the backbone of their business values.

We feel extremely happy to be associated with Eastman Global and being able to participate with them in their CSR activity. This year in the month of --- Eastman Global wanted to make some contribution towards the old and destitute who have been neglected by society. Tau Devi Lal old age home Snehadham was the place they chose to make their valuable contribution. This is also the place where we had previously visited with other teams. We felt extremely happy to be involved in the CSR activity and it was conducted very smoothly.

The representatives from Eastman global contributed 3 months of groceries as well as spend quality time with these abandoned but affectionate elderly ladies. Sister Jaise Maria the founder of this old age home kindly showed us around the place and explained the problems faced by these elderlies.

The elderly ladies who were staying at this old age home were very happy to see us and narrated their life stories and it was a very humbling feeling.

It is a tough time for these institutes, as maintaining, food, medicines, running cost becomes difficult. It is with the donation made by these corporates and individuals that the home can run smoothly.

This work is and will remain an ongoing journey for socially responsible corporates, where they enhance and adapt earlier initiatives and embark on new ones. The conviction to serve the people comes from our hearts as a commitment, by which it will always stand by.

We will keep continuing the activities and will help corporates and individuals who want to make a difference to society. May it be an old age home, orphanage, girls right and education or whatever they feel and believe in.


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