Help in Serious Causes

Here we listed some serious causes given below which we have to complete as soon as possible. These campaigns have an urgent need for money.

Donate A Product

If someone needs products for their support, we raise funds for those products by creating campaigns as listed below and donate them on completion of the campaign.

Life Changing Stories

When campaigns get completed, we meet with beneficiaries and help them and write stories with valid documents, videos, images etc as proof of right use of donation amount as listed below.

How we float donations

If we got a donation from our precious donors, it’s our duty to use that amount in an effective manner for all causes. As we only raise funds for real-time genuine causes, we will get a limited donation from donors. We will use that donation am
  • 15% Fundraising activities
  • 5% Adminisration affairs
  • 80% Spend on causes